03 listopada 2010

Pluta/tone, sink/float, flota/se hunde, flotte/coule

Ako radite eksperiment o tome što pluta a što tone, možete iskoristiti moju tablicu (besplatan download na Scribdu). Ako ćete na nju stavljati predmete iz vode, preporučujem da ju plastificirate. Ako će dijete pisati ili crtati što pluta a što tone, nije potrebno plastificirati, ali ćete trebati fotokopirati tablicu jer će djeca htjeti raditi eksperiment uvijek iznova :-)
Dolje su hrvatska, engleska i španjolska verzija tablice.
If you are doing an experiment about what floats and what sinks with your kids, you may use a table I made (free download, Scribd). If you put anything wet on it, I recommend that you laminate it (if the child write or draw what floats and what sinks, it is not necessary, but you'll need to copy the table because the kids want to do the experiment again and again :-) ).
Below are Croatian, English and Spanish versions of the table.
Pluta - Tone
Sink - Float
flota - se hunde

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  1. Jako zanimljivo!

  2. Thank you for the printouts in different languages.

  3. Phyllis, you're welcome :-)

  4. How cool that you made it in all of those languages!

    Other option is to put it in a page protector.

  5. great printable! if we do this activity again I will definitely use it :)

  6. Great charts. My girls are a little young for the worksheet part but we love experimenting with what floats and what sinks!

  7. I love your printable work for float and sink.

    You can link any post you have about Geography or History to my carnivals, old or new! I look forward to having you join us!

  8. I really like this printable, I used it, and I linked to it here: http://noorjanan.blogspot.com/2011/10/b-is-for-boats-buoyancy-ibn-battuta.html
    I lost my pictures of my kids using it, but it really was visually beautiful and simple one to use.

  9. Humble Mom, thanks! I'm glad you like it!