24 listopada 2010

Kako raste grah? / How to grow beans?

Prije mjesec dana je svako dijete u čašicu posadilo jedno zrno graha. Učili su kako se brinuti o biljkama (svatko se sam brinuo o svojoj biljčici), shvatili su što im je potrebno za rast: toplina, svjetlost i voda. Neke biljke nisu izrasle jer su zalijevane previše ili premalo. Ipak, djeca nisu odustala - dobila sam povratnu infornaciju od roditelja da su kod kuće posadili grah o kojem djeca brinu. 
A month ago every child planted a bean in little cup. Children taught how to take care of plants (everybody cared about her/his little plant), they realized what one plant need to grow: warmth, light and water. Some plants are not grown because they are watered to much or too little. However, children aren't given up - I got feedback from parents: children planted the beans at home and care about it.

Nakon desetak dana djeca su odnijela 27 čašica s grahom svojim kućama. Većina je izgledala ovako:
After ten days the children took 27 little cups with the beans to their homes. Most looked like this:

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  1. This is always so fun to do! I want to do one in a plastic bag so we can see the root system develop.

  2. Yes - it's great idea! We'll do it next time - thanks for inspiration ;-)

  3. Fun! We did a lesson on the life cycle of a bean and this would have been perfect.

    Love your adorable Halloween design!

  4. O.K. I know plants need water,air, and sunlight. How did you get those beans plants to grow like that in 27 days? I have done this experiment a number times and I have never sent home bean plants that look like this! Good work! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks Jenny!

    Discovering Montessori, bean has grown that much after only 10 days :-)
    The number 27 refers to the number of cups with bean plants because 27 children from our class planted the beans.

  6. One of my favorite activities with my kindergartens! (:

  7. Wow! Those grew so much. I don't know if I've ever been that successful with growing.

  8. We planted beans in our garden this spring. They grew nicely until something started eating them all the way down to the stalk...maybe a rabbit. Interestingly enough, several plants rebounded and yielded beans despite the trauma. Those bean plants are pretty hardy!

  9. izzy, welcome to my blog :-)

    Ticia, thanks :-)

    Brimful Curiosities, welcome to my blog! I'm your new follower. I am glad that at least some of the plants survived!

  10. ovakvu casicu smo imali kuci :-) a sad nosimo casucu sa sjemenkama jabuke :-) trebati ce nam vrt ubrzo :-)

  11. pripremite gredice za još voća :-))
    idući mjesec će vjerojatno stići još sjemenki :-)

  12. Jako interesantno, sve pohvale za ideju!

  13. Natasa, thanks so much to join my linky party :)

    Big hug from Spain

    meni :*