30 kolovoza 2009

Kako upotrebljavate ovaj pribor?

Kako izvodite prvu prezentaciju za djecu sa sljedećim priborom?

Kocke za ružičasti toranj (uzmete li male kocke pa uspoređujete s kockama iz ružičastog tornja, koliko ih trebamo kako bismo dobili najveću kocku itd., ili radite drugačije?....kako?):

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  1. I hope your question didn't get lost in translation. You were asking how to present a child with making the same size and volume with the smallest pink cubes? I would start with the next size up and introduce - today we are going to see how many small cubes we need to make a cube this size. Then in silence and very slowly so the child/ren can follow you make the cube. On the shelf I would have the right number of small cubes to begin with and gradually add to the number as you present the next size. If a child shows and interest in continuing then give him all the cubes and allow him to experiment.

    That is how I would do it, any way!

    I hope that is what you meant and that the auto-translator didn't spoil your post!!

  2. Thanks for your answer! Yes, I meant it like you understood. I never worked with this material, so I'm curious how other teachers present it.

  3. Thanks for this...so you only
    put out the number of cubes or
    rods to match the pink cube or brown
    prism you are using or more than
    the needed amount?

  4. What a beautiful material!!! I like it!!! nice Leptir!!

    Thank you,

  5. I love Nienhuis materials. I have this one in my classroom, but never worked with it.