12 lipnja 2009

Kartice za bogaćenje jezika

Predstavit ću vam tri kompleta kartica za bogaćenje jezika. Najviše ih vole mlađa djeca u grupi, što je i logično. Starija djeca već odavno koriste pojmove koji su slikovno prikazani na karticama:

Ljetna odjeća

Domaće životinje na farmi

Šumske životinje

4 komentara:

  1. hi there. did you make these cards, buy them or download? Im looking to make something like this soon.

  2. I made it. I'm glad you like it ;-)

  3. Hi Natasha! I found this post through What DID we do all day? blog. I'm curious to know how you work with these. Is that like a control you have there? Also, do you know if the Parts of a Flower cards have a color coding?

  4. Hi Evelyn!
    Flower parts cards - I use colors from botany puzzle: http://www.nienhuis.com/en/botany-puzzle-flower.html

    Cards for vocabulary enrichment (from this post):
    I show cards one by one and child must say what is on the picture. I lay cards next to one another if she knows to appoint what is on the picture. If she don't know, I separate those cards and we're doing three period lesson. In the end, I show card with thumbnails and tell the child: "All this is called... (eg. summer clothes)". One of the goals is to learn the concept of superior.

    I hope you can understand it, I don't speek English very well.