29 svibnja 2011

Pluta-tone / Sink-Float

Eksperiment Pluta/tone je djeci jedan od omiljenih!
Evo kako pribor za ovu interesantnu vježbicu izgleda u "mojoj" sobi:
Experiment Sink/Float is one of our favorites! 
Here's how this interesting material looks like in "my" classroom: 

Razvrstavanje u posudice: U tamnoplavoj posudici se nalaze različiti predmeti. Dijete ih stavlja u posudu s vodom, a kad vidi plutaju li ili tonu, stavlja ih u odgovarajuću svjetloplavu posudicu (ispred su natpisi PLUTA i TONE):
The classification in little pots: In a dark blue pot are different items. The child puts them in a pot with water, and when she see if they float or sink, she puts them in the appropriate light blue pot (in front are the labels FLOAT and SINK): 

Drvena perlica pluta / Wooden bead float

Šiljilo tone / Sharpener sink

Na posljetku su svi predmeti razvrstani, ovisno o tome plutaju li na vodi ili ne:
Finally, all objects are classified, depending on if they float on the water or not:

Umjesto razvrstavanja predmeta u posudice, djeca mogu razvrstavati predmete i u tablicu sa stupcima PLUTA i TONE. Papir s tablicom sam plastificirala kako bi se mogao upotrijebiti mnogo puta.
Tablice na nekoliko jezika sam izradila sama, možda se sjećate posta s linkovima za besplatan download, a besplatno ih možete skinuti među mojim Scribd dokumentima:
Instead of sorting items into little pots, children can sort items in a table with columns SINK and FLOAT. I laminated paper with table, so it could be used many times. 
I created tables in several languages, perhaps you remember the post with a link for free download, but you can download them for free among my Scribd documents
Pluta/tone (hrvatski / Croatian)
Sink/Float (engleski / English)
Flota/Se hunde (španjolski / Spanish)
Flotte/Coule (francuski / French)


Djeca su i sama počela raditi svoje bilješke. Djeca koja znaju pisati, pisala su nazive predmeta, a djeca koja ne znaju pisati, su crtala predmete koji plutaju, odnosno tonu:
Children have started doing their own notes. Children who know how to write, write the names of objects, and children who do not know how to write, drew objects that float or sink: 

Kad završe vježbu, djeca sav pribor obrišu suhom krpom koju zatim stave na sušenje.
When children finish the exercise, they wipe all the material with a cloth which is then placed on radiator or some sunny spot in the classroom.

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  1. C will never get tired of doing this activity so..thanks for sharing.


  2. Gracias por todo lo que compartes!!

  3. Olives and Pickles, thanks for kind comments! I'm glad that you can find useful activities for your kids here, on my little blog :-)

  4. I have yet to meet a child who doesn't love the sink and float experiments. We haven't done this in some time but may need to revisit it again and ask why they think some things float and some things sink. It might be fun to hear everyone's responses.

    I will try to comment more too. :) I love to read but rarely comment on other blogs.

  5. Hi! thanks for your comment.
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  7. My kids LOVE this experiment! I found my son doing it on his own in the bathroom sink the other day. I wasnt so pleased at the mess he made, but I was certainly impressed at the creativity.

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Kids in my classroom love it too :-)

  9. This is one that my boys LOVE participating in. I bet your students are working with this material all the time. Thanks for sharing how you have it organized. It's a great inspiration for my own shelf. I hope you have a fun week!

  10. Yes, Lori! They love it :-)
    Thanks for lovely comment!

  11. I love that the children are making their own notes - written or drawn to suit their stages (we do this with shopping lists too). Lovely to see you at the Play Academy again :)

  12. Sink or float is always so much fun - I love the children's notes. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! :)

  13. Super, super, super ti je blog, leptiricu!!!

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  17. Sink and float is always a great activity! Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful printables. I love your extension with the printed and drawn notes. I featured your photo and post at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2011/06/20/activity-of-the-week-sink-and-float-plus-extensions/