29 svibnja 2010

Blog Award for Best Blog Friends

LadyA me razveselila ovom lijepom blogerskom nagradom koju je sama osmislila. Drago mi je da me uvrstila u svoje blog friends jer zaista uživam u njenim kreativnim idejama o kojima piše na svom blogu Škrinja kreativnosti. Ako još niste, skoknite tamo - sigurna sam da će se i vama svidjeti. 
LadyA cheer me up with this beautiful blogging award which she made by herself. I'm glad that she included me in her blog friends list, because I really enjoy her creative ideas on her blog Chest of creativity. If you haven't already, pop over there - I'm sure you'll like it.

Budući da ova nagrada nema napisanih pravila, ja ću ju proslijediti slijedećim blogovima (autori češće svraćaju na moj blog ili, jednostavno, neki od blogova koje volim čitati):
Since this award doesn't have written rule, I'll pass it to the following blogs (authors frequently visit my blog, or, simply, some of the blogs I love to read):

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  1. Thank you for the lovely award!
    That is so nice of you.
    I love reading your blog and wish that we lived close enough to get together to make Montessori materials and to have some coffee or tea together.
    Have a great weekend!
    Sunrise Learning Lab

  2. Thank you,Leptir!! You are so inspiring!!

  3. Also, I wrote a post that tells about the award and has a link for people to come visit your lovely blog.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Draga Leptirice, hvala ti što si me spomenula, to mi je jako drago pročitati! Slobodno proslijedi nagradu jer je najvažnije pohvaliti i nagraditi pojedince za njihov rad. Pozdrav!

  5. Leptir,
    Thank-you so much for the wonderful award! Your blog is so inspiring and I am blessed that you enjoy mine as well!

  6. Oh Natasa, thanks sooooo much!! you are so sweet, thanks again for inspiring me. I always, always read your blog.

    A big hug from Spain :*

    meni ^-^

  7. LadyA, hvala na ovoj predivnoj nagradi koja će, sigurna sam, oradovati još mnoge ljude.

    Jody, you're welcome! You deserve it :-)

    Meni, thanks for kind words :-)

  8. Thank you so much, my dear. I will be sure to have a look at the blogs I haven't come across before. Keep up your good work, it is so lovely to see what you do and to know it is happening so far away.
    Anna xxxx

  9. I was just thinking last night about how I missed the blog awards. I even thought of this same award. Thanks to LadyA I don't have to create the button.
    Natasha, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the award! I too am blessed to have met you through the blog award. I sometimes talk about my bloggy friends as it they were here in PR with me. We should make up a blog hang-out one of these nights. A big hug, my friend. Btw, I'd love to exchage post cards with you. I'd love to have your post card on my Geography shelf.

  10. Wow, thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me for this lovely award!!

    You and your blog are so wonderful, I'm always inspired whenever I read your posts - thank YOU for being so amazing!


  11. Thanks so much for the award! You always do such great activities here!

  12. Thank you. I am very flattered.

    And you deserve the award! Keep up the great work you do. Your blog is very inspiring.

  13. Natasa!

    Thank you so much for the award! I'm truly honored! I'm always inspired by you and so grateful that we can connect despite so totally different languages!

    I'm writing a post about this with a link to your blog.
    Have a lovely sunday! :)

  14. You always make my day with your kindness! Thank you for the award! Kisses! :)

  15. Annicles, Evelyn, Mari-Ann, Jenny, Cynthia, Maria i Izzy:
    THANKS girls :-)
    Evelyn, send me your address, and I'll send you postcard ;-)

  16. wow thank you so much :) ! I'm totally honoured :), you have such an amazing blog!

  17. Thanks so much! I hope you know how much I enjoy your blog and how much you inspire me! *hugs*

  18. Thanks The girl who painted trees & Nicole :-) You deserve it!

  19. thank you for the award and thank you for sharing so much :o)

  20. Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award. Although I don't comment alot on your blog I always enjoy reading it and using your awesome activities with L.
    My husbands family are here visiting from Macedonia right now so I haven't been on the computer much : )

  21. I'm glad you find useful activities for L., here, on my blog :-) I enjoy reading your blog too.
    I hope you have beautiful time with your husbands family.

  22. Hvala, Leptir! Thanks a lot for thinking in our blog!

  23. How Bless I'm to have a such of "sweets and great Bloggy Friends"!!!!

    Wow Natasa, you're so sweet, thanks for think in me!! You're a Great inspiration for me...!! Thank you so much!! for been a Blogy friend, for you good advices and for teaching me!!! I'm so glad you like my blog, as much I love yours!!

    Big Hugs from Puerto Rico

  24. O, Karmen you deserved this award! You are one of the kindest people I "met" here, in the Blogosphere :-)
    I even link on your geography post on my Facebook page (you can check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zagreb/Leptir/156893877945 scroll down - 5th link from the top)